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Guardian Ghost: Demyx by DestinedOneofIce Guardian Ghost: Demyx :icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 1 0 Guardian Ghost: Axel by DestinedOneofIce Guardian Ghost: Axel :icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 0 0 Vampire Prince Axel: Is Out!! by DestinedOneofIce Vampire Prince Axel: Is Out!! :icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 0 0 Vampire Prince Axel's Temper Tantrum by DestinedOneofIce Vampire Prince Axel's Temper Tantrum :icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 1 0 Tatiana Wielding her Makoblade Duel Deck/ Arc V by DestinedOneofIce Tatiana Wielding her Makoblade Duel Deck/ Arc V :icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 1 0 Sephira/Tatiana: The General's Daugther and Axel by DestinedOneofIce Sephira/Tatiana: The General's Daugther and Axel :icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 3 0 Queen and General of the Midnight Dragon Realm by DestinedOneofIce Queen and General of the Midnight Dragon Realm :icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 1 0 Balancing the World by DestinedOneofIce Balancing the World :icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 2 0 Alpha Naga And His Mates by DestinedOneofIce Alpha Naga And His Mates :icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 1 0 Flaming Wings Group Photo by DestinedOneofIce Flaming Wings Group Photo :icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 2 0
Mature content
SuperNatural Academy Part:2 :icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 2 0
Mature content
SuperNatural Academy Part: 2 :icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 2 0
Mature content
SuperNatural Academy Part: 2 :icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 2 1
Digimon_Mario Crossover Ch.14
Chapter 14
Luigi and crew came to the Control Spire and stared up at it "OK…We should be able to take it down easily." As BlackWargreymon walked up to the tower a person walked up "Excuse me…Why are you destroying this tower…" Luigi and Joe looked back at the person and Joe was stumbling over words but Luigi calmly spoke "It was built without a building permit and it is on really soft ground so it is a hazard." He turned to see the person was "SANTA" called out Cody and Joe. Luigi raised an eyebrow as he spoke "Instead of having your Digimon to disintegrate it why don't we just knock it down." Luigi nodded that would be a good idea and BlackWargreymon flipped to his side. With the help of Joe and Cody, Luigi and Santa tied the Control Spire up as they finished Cody stepped up "Digi-Armor Energize!" Luigi watched as Armadillomon spoke "Armadillomon Armor Digivolve to….Digmon, the Drill of Knowledge!" As he finished Joe turned to Gomamon "You Ready!" he said and the l
:icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 2 12
BOTR: Chapter 7
Chapter 7
Eastern Rebel Lands 3:00am
Shadow and Luigi followed Mario as his group gave a protective circle around the rider and his dragon. Mario was silent as he pulled his shades back on and held up his hand causing the progression to stop. Luigi 's group raised an eyebrow as Mario stepped forward and took out his blade and stabbed a rock with it causing a cavern to open up before their eyes "Okay everyone inside quickly…this opening will close soon. The group hurried in as Mario removed his dagger and the cavern began to close. Luigi and co were in complete awe at what stood before then…a whole town stood in the center of a deep crater that Luigi guessed was protected by an illusion spell. Mario appeared behind them "The people have made a few places for you to stay…while you are here." Luigi looked back at Mario "How did it get prepared so soon?" he asked suspiciously and Mario looked at Luigi "I have a sorcerer who helps keep our place safe…he told me to go hel
:icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 6 0
Rukario's Shaman Ch. 3
Chapter 4
Rukario's staffs appeared in his paws as he got in a fighting stance "This is going to be a difficult fight…I could put up a fight but I have to watch out for her…" Rukario growled and looked back at Tatiana "Get on my back." He whispered and the little girl grabbed onto him as Rukario glared at the spirits. The demons moved aside and the giant shadow took form and a huge snake appeared causing Rukario to take a step back "No it can't be…Not him…" Tatiana saw the frighten look on her spirit's face "Who is it?" she asked and the jackal glimpsed back at his charge "It's Apophis…the demon who is the enemy of Ra…" as Rukario finished his description the snake spoke "I see you know about me…so you know why I'm here…I want you and your shaman to join up with the darkness of the abyss…it will make you powerful. So do we have deal…" he hissed and Rukario growled "We would never join you…" he hissed and Tatiana glared "Rukario is
:icondestinedoneofice:DestinedOneofIce 0 0

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AI 01 - 07 by SonicRemix AI 01 - 07 :iconsonicremix:SonicRemix 10 5 .:Lugia Base:. by XenomorphicDragon .:Lugia Base:. :iconxenomorphicdragon:XenomorphicDragon 62 44
Mature content
divine love :iconangelsummer501:angelsummer501 8 6
Spell of love Chapter:10
Attention: This is a Yaoi Fan Fiction on Sonadow if you don't like Sonadow not law and not leave comments thanks.
Spell of love:10
After half-hour Sonic had deviated you sit on a rock to rethink has what it did.
"Because I have embraced?, what I have taken?, do not from me..." said Sonic
"Shadow... who are you?" "How do you to conoscermi? Why not I remember nothing of him?"said Sonic inside of it self with the headlong
In the meantime Beach Shadow returned, you sedette Beach and condemns the respiratore.
"Sonic..." said Shadow inside Shadow feel of the steps to move closer towards him was Umea.
"Umea" said Shadow while you also from Earth
"Knuckels conditions have improved, I removed all this poison in his body" said Umea
"Well..."said shadow"Shadow... did you by chance met Sonic?" ""wonder Umeå.
"You, the met... for a first time appeared that you wanted me out, but then did not." He has embraced and his eyes were full of tears, then said me: "I do not want" "said shadow"
Umea cl
:iconblackrose140792:BlackRose140792 13 7
SW - Payback's a Deathwish by SonicRemix SW - Payback's a Deathwish :iconsonicremix:SonicRemix 18 4 Royal Reunion by YoshiMan1118 Royal Reunion :iconyoshiman1118:YoshiMan1118 355 92 .:Fakemon Vexeon:. by XenomorphicDragon .:Fakemon Vexeon:. :iconxenomorphicdragon:XenomorphicDragon 49 54 Training Riolu by TheSnowDrifter Training Riolu :iconthesnowdrifter:TheSnowDrifter 165 25 Riolu and Lucario colored by Spyboythespeedster Riolu and Lucario colored :iconspyboythespeedster:Spyboythespeedster 298 38 Riolu by Cattensu Riolu :iconcattensu:Cattensu 373 40 Training Riolu by FireRai Training Riolu :iconfirerai:FireRai 275 134 Lucario and Riolu by psylvia Lucario and Riolu :iconpsylvia:psylvia 1,108 83 Pokemon:Riolu by CATLQE Pokemon:Riolu :iconcatlqe:CATLQE 864 77 Riolu. by moxie2D Riolu. :iconmoxie2d:moxie2D 1,093 182 AI 01 - 06 by SonicRemix AI 01 - 06 :iconsonicremix:SonicRemix 11 8
Mario, Sonic, Sonadow, Shadow, Luigi, Mr. L

If I like it its in here^^


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I haven't been online for a while now because I have been working hard on my school work at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach; and working hard to earn me Bachelor Degree in Media Arts and Animation. I am posting a journal to let my friends and watchers know that I am still active but I don't draw the same things you followed me for in the first place. I still love Sonadow and Mario but I am now a huge follower of all things Final Fantasy. To all my friends who also follow Final Fantasy I am Sephiroth. I can still post pictures on Deviantart but most will be Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy or a combination of both. I really miss you guys but I have been so focused on my lessons that I haven't posted in a while but I will show a few newer images on this website if you really want me to. I would love for my followers to comment and critique my new skills.



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